Black History 2020

Black History 2020

Black history month at Praise

Praise Cathedral Worship Centre celebrated Black History Month on the weekend of February 29 and March 1, 2020.

Praise Cathedral Worship Centre honoured and celebrated our Afro-Canadian heroes and heroines, past and present. Our 2020 theme was A Strong Legacy. This Canadian and Ontario legacy includes:

  • Hon. Lincoln Alexander, Ontario’s 24th Lieutenant Governor;
  • Dr. Anderson Abbott, the first Canadian born black doctor; and
  • Hon. Jean Augustine, the first black woman elected to the House of Commons.

The Hon. Jean Augustine, in 1995, tabled a motion in the House of Commons to officially declare February as Black History Month that we celebrate today. It carried, and Black History Month is celebrated Canada-wide to this day.

The 2020 weekend of February 29th and March 1 was a time to reflect on and celebrate the journey of our legacy. It was a week-end of entertainment, learning, sharing and thanksgiving as we displayed artifacts, history, music and savory cultural taste of foods. Church members, visitors, friends and families from the neighbouring communities joined the activities. Our community celebrations heightened awareness of our journey, and helped continue to build our people and the larger community.

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  1. Esther Campbell Phillips says:

    Morning Praise! Please inform me on events that are taking place at church. God is truly amazing in all aspects of our lives. Let love be the fuel to our fires. I am grateful to be a member of PCWC where I am taught the word of God. I appreciate Bishop L. Walker, Rev. Dorette Walker, Rev. M Lal, Rev G. Wilson for their support to all members of PCWC. We appreciate the love, commitment, compassion that has been demonstrated towards us. Thank you all for your authenticity. I pray to God to continue to bless us all. I love you all.

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