Praise Contact List

Praise Contact List

Are you receiving Praise e-news?

When we all ‘cocooned’ during the the years of ‘social distancing,’ e-mail was our communications lifeline with one another. More than 400 of our congregation are now part of the Praise e-mail contact list. If you are among that growing group, you have received e-mails (and no spam) about Praise events and services. If you have not yet subscribed, we need you. The information about your that you share is never shared, sold, transferred or given away. You can update and correct your contact information. You can also unsubscribe if you wish. Praise uses your contact information responsibly: to send you e-mail messages that relate to our spiritual life as a congregation.

Here’s why being a subscriber is important. Praise Cathedral year-end income tax tax receipts are now all sent by e-mail. Please subscribe, if you have not done so already.

Praise needs e-mail addresses from our faithful, and our donors.

Subscribing is easy

Navigate your web browser to:, or just click or tap the button below.

After subscribing

If you thought you joined, but don’t see a welcome message almost immediately, or receive an e-newsletter from Praise, please check your Junk or Spam e-mail folder. Sometimes e-newsletter relationships start off being flagged as ‘false positives’ by your provider’s spam filter. In other words, you need to tell your e-mail app that Praise Cathedral is a safe sender. Then you will get Praise e-mails in your Inbox faithfully (pun intended).

Subscribing tips

Here’s how you (and each church goer in your home) can become part of the Praise Cathedral virtual community:

  • Be complete, Fill in all the fields, please. Avoid abbreviations. Use Street instead of St., for example;
  • Use proper case. Please don’t fill in the fields in all UPPER CASE or lower case. Computers are not that smart. We need you to put in clean, well-formatted information;
  • Phone number: The app asks you for your phone number in three parts: area code (i.e. 905, 647, 416, 289 etc.), exchange (i.e. 821, 569, 858, etc) and number (i.e. your last four digits). Don’t use brackets, hyphens or other characters when entering your digits;
  • Remember your birth date (month and day) so we can send you an annual birthday greeting;
  • First Message: Sometimes, your e-mail account may mark your messages from Praise as a false positive, or mistaken spam message. In your settings, when you get your first message, please be sure to designate it as a ‘safe sender;’
  • Check your information: A common mistake is when folks fill out the form on their phone, and misspell their own e-mail address, for example. Human fingers can be awkward instruments.

Newsletter past editions

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