Web site progress

Web site progress

About Praise web site

Each week, hundreds of people look at our Praise web site. Most weekdays, between 25 and 50 people view it. The new Praise web site came together starting in the summer of 2019, and by the time COVID-19 shut our communities down, and kept us all close to home, Praise had just the communications tool we needed, ready to deliver the message of God during the 21st century.

Talk with Pastor Mirando Lal if you need something posted to the Praise Cathedral web site. Our good friend and former MPP, Bob Delaney, looks after the planning, coding and technical aspects of the Praise Cathedral web site.

In addition to this Praise Cathedral web site, Praise has other cyber resources as well: our Praise Facebook page, the Praise Twitter account, and our Praise e-newsletter. Please follow Praise on your favourite web medium. See the menu above.

Be sure each person in your household is registered to receive periodic e-mails, directly from Praise Cathedral. Click here to register.